February 11th, 2009

misc: blue flower

helping out the economy

Just got off the phone with Mom, firming up plans for this weekend for a get-together to celebrate Grandpa & my b-days.  Mom mentions that her & Dad plan on giving me some money to buy a Coach purse (Mom & I went into a Coach store a couple of weeks ago and I did find a couple that I liked).  I protest, saying I can't possibly spend that much on a purse on a convention or concert tickets, no problem!   Then I get the whole "I'm a professional and should be spending money on stuff like Coach purses instead of DVDs/concert tickets/etc" speech from Mom.  So basically, Mommy is forcing me to buy a Coach bag  =)  I am thinking of this one (in black).  Not sure if that's exactly the one I saw in the store but close.

I also want a netbook to use for travelling (looking at you, cute Acer netbook)

Want to book a massage (but that's covered by insurance).  And a pedicure.  Maybe a facial (haven't one in ages).

Car needs an oil change and a wash (eta: it's raining outside, thanks Mother Nature!).

And now, going out to buy some lunch cause I was too lazy to cook anything last night.