February 9th, 2009

tv: rory & dean

i need to stop spending money

I can't believe I just did what I did.  I am officially crazy.  Let's back up...

So that New Kids obsession I had/have?  Yeah, still going.  They're coming back around in March -- this time to London which is a 2-hr drive from Toronto -- and I'm all YAY!  So, I purchased a ticket a few weeks ago.  Got a floor seat but in the back.  Everything's good.  What did I just do?  Out of curiousity, I go back on the site, just to see how tickets are selling and I notice this "platinum seating".  What is this?, I wonder.  Couple of clicks of the mouse and now I am the proud owner of a centre floor, row C ticket *headdesk* 

WTH was I thinking?!  Why do I spend money all willy nilly when I should be saving it!  I have a UK trip to save up for!  Renovations, new furniture!  RRSP contributions!  But noooooo, I'm spending $$ on tickets I already have!  So, yeah, now I have this extra ticket.  Anyone interested?  Maybe I'll just run to my seat in the back when they go on the mini-stage. LOL 

And on top of this craziness, I purchased a silver ticket to the Vancouver SPN con.  And there's the Chicago con after that.  My compromise is no photo ops for Vancouver as I already purchased them for Chicago.

Someone take my credit card away.