January 30th, 2009

misc: blue flower

no such thing as too much

What's the best cure for a very very very long work week? Watching HSM3 of course!! I downloaded the movie last night and OMG IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY!!!! I don't even know why but IT DOES!! I won't say how many times I've watched "Scream" because it's KINDA EMBARASSING and I totally did not pause the screen to marvel at Zac's back. Other numbers on repeat include "The Boys are Back" (of course!), "I Want it All" and "A Night to Remember". I even re-watched "Can I Have this Dance" because I can not resist Zac waltzing and if I have to endure Vanessa, then so be it.

And then, I watched the "Making Of HSM3" cause I clearly AM INSANE. Laughing at Vanessa's HORRIBLE dancing and just generally ADORING LUCAS.

I may also be suffering a slight mental breakdown due to working way too much this week but whatever. ZAC PRETTY.