January 27th, 2009

seeker: forehead kiss

hello, shiny new fandom

I have a shiny new fandom to play with and it's called Legend of the Seeker (based on the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind).  I like new fandoms *nods*
It's got CUTE BOY! in leather with SWORD-TWIRLING!! (man, I love sword-twirling and in ep6 I got shirtless sword-twirling, w00t!) and PRETTY LADY! who has flowing hair and a magical white gown that never seems to get dirty and is a KICKASS FIGHTER!! \o/ Not heavy on the slash but that's cool. There's Merlin for that ;) This show fits right in there with Merlin and Robin Hood. Cheesy but fun. It's been compared to Xena/Hercules but I never watched those shows so can't say if that's accurate.

The amount of times the words "seeker" and "prophecy" and "destiny" have been used so far is LOL-worthy and I've only seen 7 eps! "Are you the seeker? The prophecy is true?" "You ARE the seeker and it's your destiny!" "I am the seeker!" "He's the seeker! Kill him!" LOL

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Craig Horner, the lead, is Australian but he uses an American accent in the show. Who made that stupid decision?

Fandom bonus: the show has already been renewed for a 2nd season so there's more sword-twirling goodness to come!!

In other fandom happy news -- Olli FINALLY returns to VL today and my favourite soap couple will be back together again!! I need to go check YouTube to see if the clip is up!

Sad fandom news -- RIP Kim Manners. You are missed. :(