January 14th, 2009

movies: hogwarts

first harry, now ron

While Rupert is not going for full nudity like DanRad, in his new movie, Cherrybomb, he is going shirtless. *cut to squeeing and lol'ing* Movie plot sounds like Y Tu Mama Tambien, but without the sex scenes and threesome dammit!. Collapse )


Looks like I'll probably be at the Vancouver Con cause I need to keep an eye on openmydoors. =) Besides, I think I need to witness her first Jared/Jensen sighting. This is going to be epic!
himym - nph

file under "d'uh"

I'm watching my Dr Horrible DVD (yay it finally came!) and I just noticed that Moist = Wolowitz of Big Bang Theory.  How did I not notice this before?  LOL   

BTW, the musical commentary is HILARIOUS and AWESOME.  The Whedon Brothers are genuises.