January 13th, 2009

sn: jared & jensen

creation sucks; dean rocks

The hatred for Creation just continues to build.  Look at what they're charging for the Vancouver con.  I think that may be the highest price for Gold.  And it's in US dollars!  WTF!!!!!  Not only are we getting screwed on the exchange rate in our own bloody country (that's over $600 CDN for a Gold pass!) but the American fans are getting screwed as well cause they can't take advantage of the exchange rate.  The boys should be in town already for shooting so no flight cost and even no hotel cost as they can just go home (unless they're afraid of being followed by rabid fangirls).  And the kissing of Vancouver's ass, "...one of the world's loveliest cities", is not helping.  Argh!  *kicks Creation's ass*


Watched the GG ep where Dean & Rory go to their first dance and officially become "boyfriend-girlfriend".  The fight between Dean and Tristan was awesome.  When Dean turned, stared Tristan down and told him to stay away from Rory *swoon*  Man, why couldn't I have met someone like that growing up?  I never really liked Jess and now that I know the wonderfulness that is Dean, the hate is growing.  I don't know how I'm going to handle next season.

I also didn't realize that the Luke/Lorelai ship was there right from the start.  Luke rocks, too.


Currently at a client's and the controller is bringing fresh samosas tomorrow.  And then they're going to order Indian food for lunch on Thursday.  YUMMY.  Man, some clients are just made of awesome.