December 29th, 2008

merlin: arthur smile

i really need to get on that whole winning the lottery thing

Convincing myself to go to work this morning was hard. Stupid work.

I think my endocrinologist is tired of seeing me -- she recommended that I have surgery to remove my thyroid. Bottom line: I have an inflammed thyroid which will eventually stop working. Chance of cancer is approx 3% so if it's removed, obviously the possibility drops to zero. Take it out and take pills for the rest of life. But it doesn't bother me so I figure why go through all that surgery crap? I figure I'll just leave it until it dies out on its own. Good plan? Good plan.

Last week,bauersgirl and I trekked to Hamilton to see the CI6 Top 3 perform. Because we were able to get tickets within the first 5 rows, we got to do a Meet & Greet with the guys after the show. Someone wanted to see pictures so here a couple plus videos of my favourite performances from each of the guys (although now I'm so regretting that I didn't tape Drew's "Where the Streets has no Names" cause the sound on my camera turned out pretty well) Collapse )