December 20th, 2008

misc: polar bears

this cold saturday afternoon

Dude, it is FREEZING outside. I had to enter the scary scary place called the Eaton's Centre on the last weekend before Christmas. So many people. But, I survived. Just grabbed what I needed and beelined right out of there.

One more reason why the cast of HIMYM is awesome. They re-created some of the best moments of 2008 for Entertainment Weekly.

(1) Check out NPH's bod! YUM. (2) I didn't notice this right away til I read the caption but dude, they shaved their body hair, including the armpits! LOL (3) NPH's body. Again.

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My plan for the rest of the afternoon: I got my fleece blanket, Gilmore Girls DVDs (cute!Dean FTW), a bowl of sour cream 'n onion chips and cream soda pop. I'm all set :D