December 5th, 2008

misc: blue flower

drinking in the middle of the afternoon

Mmmmm, hot chocolate with a dash some Bailey's.  And yes, I am at work.  And no, there's no party or anything.  Well, there will be an UFE party after work.  Background -- the UFE (Uniform Final Exam) is the national, 3-day, 13-hour, monster of an exam in the path of becoming a chartered accountant.  The results came out today.  Unfortunately, only 1 out 5 people who wrote in our office passed this year.  So, tonight is the party to celebrate our co-worker's achievement.  And our HR person decided that the Bailey's in the fridge has been there far too long and should be consumed asap.  LOL  Sometimes, this place is just too much.

Now I'm looking at necklaces from Tiffany's on-line.

I really should get back to work now.

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