November 15th, 2008

merlin: boys with bears

it's raining outside


For Children in Need. The sketch was very adorable and Merlin getting pelted by fruits & vegetables is never not funny.

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At this very moment, the cast of Twilight are at MuchMusic, just a few blocks away.  I admit, if it wasn't raining, I would probably be there in the crowd just to see RPatzz. 


I'm still disappointed that Danny got eliminated on SYTYCDC  =(  He was one of my favourites and I even voted for him!  I knew he was in trouble though.  For some reason, Isaak has a pretty big fanbase and all the bashing done by the judges is backfiring as he picks up the pity votes.  I hope Isaak goes next, then Miles leaving Vincent & Nico in the Top4.  Natalli needs to go next and I'm cool with any combination of Lisa, Allie & Arassay in the Top4.  Good news is that there is going to be a Top10 tour so while I couldn't get tickets to any of the tapings, I'll definitely be going to the tour!  Can't believe there's only 3 more weeks left til the finale.