November 3rd, 2008

movies: boondock saints

boondocks spoiler

There's a YouTube channel for the filming of Boondock Saints 2 so I've been watching some of the clips.  They also have an e-mail where you can send questions to the director or cast and they answer.  I've seen the video with Young Indiana Jones Sean Patrick Flannery answering questions (he's looking fiiiine) but no Norman Reedus yet.  There was a quick glimpse of Norman at the end of one of the filming videos where he showed us what he was listening to on his ipod.  Need more Norman!

There was a quick video inviting all us Torontonians to the Yuk Yuk's located 15 minutes from me to watch one of the new cast members perform and you just know some of the cast was there.  When did I see this video?  The day after, argh!

Did spot a whole mess of trailers down by the lake last Friday night as I drove by.  I wonder if it was them. 

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