October 22nd, 2008

firefly: inara


Fellow Canucks, y'all know about the National Do Not Call List

Fellow Torchwood fans, the Hub Convention was this past weekend and there was snogging (John/Gareth, Kai/Gareth) and flashing of bums (Gareth & Kai)!  Oh why wasn't I there?  *plans on going to Hub2*  Check out smirnoffmule 's LJ for awesome pictures.

Fellow SPN fans, I have still not watched "Monster Movie".  I fell asleep.  A couple of days later, sat down to watch the re-run on Space and fell asleep again.  WTH?  I can't download the ep til the end of this week cause I've exceeded my transfer usage and have to wait til my next billing cycle starts.  It's very frustrating cause I want to d/l the Kinkade movie nowwwwww

Fellow Terminator fans and musical fans.  I love it when my fandoms collide -- Thomas Dekker will be starring in the upcoming Fame movie.  How awesome is that?  Very.

Fellow peeps dealing with colds.  Hope everyone is feeling better.

Fellow HSM & Zac fans.   2 MORE DAYS!!!!  And the trailer for 17 Again is online (youtube link cause the embedding thing is driving me crazy)  It looks so cute and funny!  Is there a rule though that there must be singing and/or dancing of some soret in every movie Zac is in?  Zac even sings a little in Orson Wells and Me!

And now the word "fellow" has lost all meaning to me.