October 15th, 2008

misc: blue flower

bad news wednesday

** 2 co-workers were let go today  =(  The one from my office (this firm has 2 offices), everyone liked so it was very surprising and sad.

** We're still blue, ugh.  Conservative minority government AND they even gained a few more seats.  NOOOOOOOO  Although, I am slightly amused that now, with Dion's leadership in question, some people are saying that Justin Trudeau should be the next leader of the Liberals because (a) he's a Trudeau; (b) he's good-looking and (c) his wife is a former model.  LOL

** According to TMZ, Gale Harold was in a motorcycle accident yesterday.  Seems there's conflicting reports on how seriously injured he is.  Hope he has a speedy recovery.

** I was just given the re-organization from hell to review.  BLAH.

** Oh, some good news!  My boss just gave me tickets to the Raptors game tomorrow.  Looks like good seats too.  Score.