October 14th, 2008

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to the polls

** Voted in our federal election today. We had a polling station right in our lobby so no excuses. I looked up all the candidates running in my district (I only knew a couple of them) and discovered that our Green Party candidate founded a mime school LOL And I'm ashamed that I had no idea that our current MP is the wife of Jack Layton (leader of the NDP).

** Had a lovely massage today at this fancy spa right behind my building. I've avoided going there cause it's so pricey but then I realized they have registered massage therapists which are covered by my health plan so why not? This was the first time I was offered a choice between a male or a female therapist. I picked a female, not because the thought of having a male was strange but I'm in enough pain with a female, I can't imagine how much it would hurt with a male. Ow.

** A poster in a celebrity forum I read recently saw DanRad in Equus in NYC. She gave a very positive review of the play but of course everyone was curious about the nudity.

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