October 9th, 2008

actor: zac efron suit

why is not friday yet?

Sweet heavens, I am BORED OUT OF MY BLOODY MIND! There's like 4 of us here who have no work. Well, I did my part, I asked around if anyone needed help. In the meantime, let's post some pictures of some pretty boys, yes?
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In other news:

Now that I have a 700GB external harddrive, I've decided to d/l every single Scrubs episode. 7 seasons! It's a great show but I've only seen episodes here and there. And I'm gonna grab all of 30 Rock as well. I did contemplate buying the DVDs but they're all up in the $35 range so that killed that idea.

I want to go to another New Kids concert! *whines* I've been watching all these behind-the-music specials on YouTube and damn, the boys are really candid about the past. For example, everyone knew Jon left the band because of his anxiety/tour fatigue but I had no idea he was also voted out by the boys cause he couldn't decide whether to stay or go; Danny has always hated the song, "This One's for the Children"; one of their video directors, a female, hooked up with Donnie & Jordan, etc.

Loving SYTYCD Canada. Allie & Danny are so cute together and I think I'm crushing on all the boys from Quebec.