September 25th, 2008

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going back to the soap world

As some of you may know, I used to be an avid watcher of General Hospital for most of the 1990's. Those were some good times -- the introduction of Sonny; Jason Quartermaine becomes Jason Morgan; the return of the Cassadines; BJ dying and the heart donation to Maxie; Ricky Martin's stint; Lucky & Liz; Emily & Zander; the re-visitation of Luke & Laura's past; Robin & Stone and the AIDS/HIV storyline; Jagger & Karen; Jax / Brenda / Sonny / Carly; Ned & Lois and the list goes on. I gave up on GH because it turned into the Sonny & Jason show where the mafia became the "good guys" and it just became... stupid.

Being the out-of-the-loop person that I am, I just discovered that GH has a night-time spinoff, General Hospital: Night Shift! When did this happen!? Oh, last year, oops. So, I've watched the first few episodes of the 2nd season on YouTube and OMG Jagger's back! With his son, Stone! Awwwwww. This show already rocks. Robert Scorpio has returned as well! I'm loving how they're bringing back all these characters. And yay, a gay storyline guest starring Chad Allen! Thank goodness there's only something like 13 episodes per season cause between this & VL, I've reached my soap limit.

Although, I'm sorta thinking about watching the Craig/JP/Keiron storyline on Hollyoakes now...


I'm the one hiding behind Jordan LOL