September 19th, 2008

singer: nkotb


Totally worth the $300 all-access package! The photo ops weren't individual ones -- they did them in groups of 10 -- but you still were able to get facetime with all 5 guys (if you so wished). Donnie is a complete flirt. After I hugged him *squee* and was waiting to move to Joe *squee*, he kept running his hand up & down my arm *dies* Of course, he did this with a lot of girls. I also overheard some girls talking how Jordan seemed more reserved and wasn't hugging but I got one!! Gift bag consisted of NKOTB mug which is now my office mug, a photo album, postcards & a fleece blanket.

With this package, we don't know our seats til we get there for the M&G. My ticket said, centre floor, row 8. I was perfectly fine with that. An usher is showing me to my seat and OMG ROW 8 TURNS OUT TO BE THIRD ROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Natasha Bedingfeld was great as the opening act.

The concert was just SO MUCH FUN. You could tell that the guys were having fun too, they were smiling a lot. They did all their hits and 7 songs off their new album. Jordan & Joe both had solos with a song from their respective CDs. Danny busted out some break dancing moves. I'm pretty sure Donnie even teared up when introducing "Click Click Click" as the song that brought the guys together again.

Warning: there are almost 40 pictures under the cut. I took about 350 pictures last night! Security was really tight on video recording so I only got about 1:30 of "Summertime" before an usher told me to stop. Set list is also under the cut.
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Can't wait to do it all again tonight (minus the all-access package)!