September 2nd, 2008

singer: nkotb


SPN S3 DVDs were released today and I got a copy!! It was close cause at the Best Buy near me, I was only able to find the version that came with the mini-Impala and I was not paying an extra $20 for that (which btw, why does it cost extra for us but not in the States? Bastards.) Anyway, I noticed someone putting back a copy of just the regular version so I grabbed it fast!

The other big release of the day is NKOTB's new album!! Oh, I know y'all are squee-ing with me :P However, I did not buy it cause I read that there is an exclusive Target edition that comes with a DVD so if any of my American friends who I'll be seeing in 26 days wouldn't mind picking me up a copy... *attempts puppy dog eyes of Jared proportions*

New Kids' 2nd video -- Single featuring Ne-Yo -- has been released!!!! *squeeeeee* Not as cheesy as the first one, thank goodness. And poor Danny and Jon are once again regulated to a few seconds of face-time. But Joey in the suit? Damn, he's looking fine!

Unbelievable -- they've disallowed embedding on all the videos. Bastards. Here's the link instead:

I just found out that my Drew was eliminated from CI =( Damn you, regional voting!! My wish for a Drew / Theo finale has been crushed. Here's hoping they do a Top3 tour like last year cause I will so be there.