August 27th, 2008

singer: nkotb

guilty pleasures

eeeeeee The New Kid's CD has been leaked and I listened to it this morning and holy colloborations (with Ne-yo and Akon and PCD and Lady Gaga) and it's cheesy but I don't care cause it's the New Kids!!!!!

Christian & Oliver on the German soap, Verbotene Liebe.  I remember reading about this couple months back, comparing them to the Noah & Luke storyline on As the World Turns.  This past weekend, a kind soul on my f-list supplied a link to a YouTube channel that had the entire Christian & Oliver storyline with subtitles over 98 videos (and counting!) so I started watching and yea, I'm hooked.  =)  It's a bit strange watching only a specific storyline cause other characters will just flit in & out or other storylines get mentioned but it's all good.  I was surprised at how much English is incorporated in their speech but from reading some stuff on-line, I gather this is common in Europe.  I'm only 23 videos in and I haven't looked into the fandom at all (still debating on that one) but it's so nice discovering something new.

I'm suffering from Olympic withdrawal.  Is it February 12, 2010 yet?

Drew survives another week on Canadian Idol, yay!  My 5 minutes of power voting last week really paid off LOL  How do people vote for the entire 2 hours?  I can't do it.  I'm hoping for a Drew/Theo final 2 with Theo winning.

Off to Las Vegas for Labour Day weekend with  bauersgirl  tomorrow morning!  Need to catch the airport bus at 5 am -- let's hope I wake up in time.  Haven't packed a thing yet, either.