August 15th, 2008

actor: zach zach

haves and have-nots

* Have not finished un-packing.  I am so unmotivated right now.  

* Have booked my tickets to Orlando for EyeCon!!  Flying in Saturday afternoon and leaving Monday afternoon.  Wanted to come in Friday night but WestJet only offers afternoon flights and it had an awesome seat sale so compromises had to be made.  Bummed that I'll be missing Jim Beaver and Chad Lindberg but Jared is scheduled for Sunday and that's all that really counts.  =)

* Have watched the first half of Veronica Mars S1 and I'm enjoying it.  Not at the point of OMG BEST SHOW EVAH but liking it.  I thought Kristen Bell sucked on Heroes but she is really good as Veronica.  Still think she's overhyped though.  Love Wallace and Papa Mars.  Paris Hilton in the second episode made me gag.  Hey, it's Mac from General Hospital!  Sorry, but I can't see Veronica and Lilly being BFFs.  Lilly is annoying.  And Logan.  Poor misunderstood, bad boy Logan who gets beaten by his movie star daddy.  He gets the best lines and his "bonding" with Weevil was amusing.

* Have not been really watching the Olympics.  Every time I flip over to NBC/CBC, it's on a sport I'm not really interested in.  I seem to be missing all the good stuff  =(  Unpopular Olympics Opinion #1:  While I'm all on-board with Phelps winning the 8 gold, it makes the whole thing boring.  Oh look, Phelps is swimming, he's gonna win, what else is on tv?  UOO #2: Pro athletes shouldn't be part of the Olympics.  Whether it's basketball, hockey or tennis.  As for our poor Canadian athletes -- if there were medals for 4th & 5th place or my personal favourite -- personal bests & breaking the Canadian record -- we'll be rockin'!   Even the Olympic tv ads we get seem to focus more on Vancouver 2010 then Beijing.  Whoever wins the first medal is gonna be a freakin' national hero  LOL

* Have not seen The Dark Knight.  Shameful, I know.  Hopefully, this weekend.