August 7th, 2008

firefly: serenity still flying

back home

Home at last.  *hugs bed and bearable weather*  Airport drama continues -- flight leaving Taipei was late so had to rush like mad to catch connecting flight to Toronto.  Because of this, I didn't get a chance to see my little (well, he's 15 now & supposedly has gone through a growth spurt) cousin who was waiting in Vancouver for Pearl & Andy.

Oddly, I am wide awake considering I didn't sleep that much on the plane.  We'll see what happens when the afternoon rolls around.

First load of laundry is already going.  I need to go out to get some breakfast and re-stock the fridge.  But all I want to do is sit here and catch up with everybody -- I've got ComicCon reports to read, movies to download, fanfic to read, reality shows to catch up on -- who won Maria?  who's still left on Idol and SYTYCD?  any performances that are "must see"? -- and of course, pictures to tag and post.