July 25th, 2008

actor: rupert penry-jones

made it (barely)

Greetings from Taiwan.  Taichung, to be exact.  It is Saturday, 8:10am over here and I've just had my hair & makeup done for the ceremony this afternoon.  This is gonna be quick cause I'm in the bridal suite using the bride's laptop and it's getting crazy!

The trip almost began with a disaster as I was minutes away from missing my flight to Vancouver.  The highway was closed due to a huge accident and I was sharing a cab with 3 guys.  One guy completely missed his flight and me & another guy made it just in time (at least, I hope the other guy made it).  And then, while we were boarding the plane in Vancouver, my brother decided to disappear and we couldn't find him!  But, in the end, we made it to Taiwan where 30C weather was waiting for us at 5am!  The humidity in Taipei is insane and coupled with the smog/pollution, it just makes it worse.  Although I have to say, Taipei is a lot cleaner then I remember it from 15 years ago.  At 2pm, we boarded a high speed train and came down to Taichung where we met up with my brother, Pearl and her family.  A bit cooler down here but now we're getting a possible typhoon warning.  Will the fun never cease?  Ceremony is this afternoon (approx 550 guests!!) and I think we're heading up the mountains tonight to see the hot springs.  Taking lots of pictures and hopefully I'll get a chance to update soon.