July 13th, 2008

torchwood: ianto

polaris weekend

Remember how I said I was experiencing John Barrowman overload?  Well, the performance show tonight was overbooked and a whole group of us didn't make the cut.  It was like the fates stepped in and said "oh, you're getting tired of John Barrowman?  No show for you!"  Oh well.  Can't complain as I've already been to a few showings.  So glad my fellow Polaris gals did not heed my advice, got there earlier and was able to get into the studio.  Hope you guys were able to meet John.  So, while the show I was cruelly denied entry to is airing on the television right now, let's get to the rest of the weekend.

Met a couple of fellow LJ'ers, grasshopper64  and Beckie, and had a fun weekend running around to different panels, discussing TW and DW and the like.  Also met the gals from WI & IL -- serefina743,  emerald_nebula  & friends.  There was a bunch of actors but I was mainly there for Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto Jones of Torchwood) and Jason Dohring (Logan of Veronica Mars; Joseph of Moonlight).  I also dropped a chunk of change on photo ops and autographs and it still came out cheaper than CreationCon the greedy bastards.

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