June 23rd, 2008

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spending the night with 3 j's

Looking at my tags list, it looks like I have a preference for actors with names starting with the letter J. :) Warning: this post is picture-heavy!

J #1 -- John Barrowman.

bauersgirl & I, for the last 2 nights, have endured what felt like hours of queue waiting for the Top 10 performance and results show. I admit that I probably spent more time looking at JB then I did at the contestants. He's so amusing to watch during the performances cause he sometimes gets really into it.

For both shows, we were seated at the opposite side of the studio from the judges. While it did give us a good view of JB, it was freakin' hard to get a decent picture! I must have taken about 100 pictures during the commercial breaks and only a handful were passable, none of them were really good.

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J #2 -- Jared Padalecki.

Thanks to my f-list for all the videos, pictures & recaps of the Supanova con in Sydney. He is just as adorable as ever.

New TV Guide picture. GUH. I would apologize to those who've had this picture pop up on the f-list like a gazillion times today but I won't cause it's Jared and who could ever tire looking at a picture like that?

J #3 -- James McAvoy.

I love him best when he uses his natural Scottish accent. And I never knew he was such a funny guy! I've been watching quite a few of his interviews and the one he did on Parkinson's (UK talk show) is probably my favourite because in part 3 he and Billie Piper, talk about doing sex scenes and, well, I'm just shallow like that.

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