June 17th, 2008

torchwood: barrowman collar

best lunch hour evah!

Saw John Barrowman.

Took many pictures of John Barrowman.

Stared at John Barrowman's ass.

Took picture with John Barrowman.  (oh my, he holds you tight!  I look terrible but who cares!)

Now back at the office and must do work.  Co-worker noted I was all smiley, LOL

Pictures will be uploaded tonight! 
misc: blue flower

john pictures \o/

The event was the public launch of CBC's How Do You Solve a Problem Like a Maria? -- the search for the one who will portray Maria in the upcoming stage production of The Sound of Music.  The top10 finalists were there, they performed 2 songs and each did quick interview with the host.

Blah blah blah, let's get to the pictures shall we?

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Oh yea, I also saw George Stroumboulopolous (I think that's right, lol) in the crowd.  I like him and his show, The Hour.