June 9th, 2008

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weekend madness

I should've taken today off to recuperate from the weekend.  Not that it was omg so busy but busy nonetheless.

Saturday, met up with my university gals for lunch.  The last time we did this was almost a year ago!  A bit of shopping was done afterwards and then sitting on the patio for a couple of hours where I got a little colour (ie I have slightly noticeable "raccoon" face and my chest is a little pink.)  I was under the umbrella but then the wind picked up and threatened to take our table away so the umbrella was removed.

Sunday was a BBQ out my parents' house for a wedding shower / jack n jill / get together for my brother & SIL.  Spent the whole day on my feet, playing host.  About halfway through the evening, I realized that approx 90% of the guests were either dentists or doctors.  The guest list for the wedding is full of "Dr & Mrs/Mr" and "Drs".  Finally made it back downtown at around midnight and promptly collapsed into bed.

After dragging my ass out of my bed earlier than usual so I can take a shower (I usually shower at night), spent about half a hour before work skimming through my f-list for con reports (yes, even in the midst of all the busy, I still thought about how the con was going,lol).  Massive hugs & kisses to saltnburn on YouTube.  I have no idea who you are but you rock for all the videos.  Just watched a few quick clips of Jared, Gabe and Chad.  I just want to smush them all!  Will have to catch up on all the reports and videos over the next few days.

Where's my girls at?!  Hopefully not in jail for stalking Steve :)  I'm waiting for your long ass recaps with pictures!

A few more quick things:

* got my Polaris confirmation!  wheeeeeee I'm gonna see Ianto!

* NKOTB are coming to the MMVAs (MuchMusic Video Awards -- similar to the MTV Video Awards but a lot more ad hoc & chaotic & crazy) and I'm now debating whether or not to brave the crowds, the screaming teen girls and the heat for the red carpet.   Also, new video is out.  Cheese but still love.

* travel plans are finally set.  We're going to Japan after all -- a 5 day tour to Tokyo.  I was hoping we could see more of Japan (Kyoto, Hiroshima, etc) but the timing is too tight.  Oh well, just means I will have to go back.  So, it's gonna be Taiwan for 4 days, Tokyo for 5 and then back to Taiwan for a couple of days before flying back.

* Monday suuuuuuuucks.  I wanna go back to bed.
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I am alternating between being giddy and laughing hysterically right now!!  

A quick rundown to explain Fan's post -- Chris is the photographer who does the photo ops.  At the Chicago con, while we talked to him as we waited for the jpegs of our photo ops, he mentioned that the bunch of sharpies lying on the table were the ones used by Jensen and Jared to sign autographs and he let us take one -- I took one that Jared used and Fan took one of Jensen's.  I can't believe he remembered that!

Next time I meet Jared, perhaps I should get him to sign my Jared Sweat Towel with the Jared Signing Sharpie.  Although that would probably freak the boy out, LOL!!