June 5th, 2008

torchwood: barrowman collar

one step closer to Cap'n Jack

EEEEEEEEE!!  Both bauersgirl  and I got tickets to the Maria show!!  I'm going to be in the same room as John Barrowman!!!!!  *flails*  I have to figure out how to sneak a camera in!  I need to get a picture with the Captain!!   We both got 2 tickets which means we have 2 extra so if anyone wants to stalk see JB do his judging thang, let me know.  The details: CBC Building, Toronto, Sun June 22, 6-8pm.  SOLOOOOOOOO!!!!  YOU HAVE TO COME DOWN!!!

Another example of my craziness:  I purchased a 5-star platinum ticket for the 3rd -- yes, three! -- NKOTB concert.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?!???!! LOL  The package comes with a seat in the first 10 rows, a meet-and-greet + photo op before the show and some other stuff.  Kinda expensive but cheaper than those greedy bastards at Creation.

Bear with me but one more NKOTB thing.  Footage of the boys making their video to "Summertime" is up and OMG THE CHEESINESS.  The all-white outfits = BSB's "I Want it that Way" circa 1994.  Donnie running on the beach with his shirt open is hot LULZ.  Oh boys.

In other news, I finished watching Avatar and I WANT THE LAST EPISODES NOW!!!!!  I should've stretched out my viewing and I did try to do that but it wasn't happening.  I watched a behind-the-scenes clip on YouTube which showed all the voice actors and the guy who voices Zuko looked so familiar to me but I couldn't place him.  Off to IMDB I go and OMG it's Rufio from "Hook"!!  Ruuuuufiiiiooooooo!!!!!  Awesome.

Obtained a copy of New York Minute and dear lord, how cute was Jared?!  SO.CUTE.  The dancing at the end!!  I did skip through a lot of the movie but of what I did see, MK & Ashley Olsen were kinda sorta not bad.  I still can't tell who is who though.

To those on my f-list that are off to the Dallas con this weekend -- I hate you all have LOTS of fun and take many many pictures of Jared for me, 'k?  And the other boys too!!