May 30th, 2008

singer: nkotb

ticketmaster is evil

Success.  Tickets for the NKOTB concert has been purchased.  15 minutes of stress because of stupid Ticketmaster.  Let me explain.

Presale starts at 10am.  I log into TM at 9:58am and start hitting that refresh button.  My cubicle mate, April, also logs in and starts hitting the refresh button.  At 9:59am, TM blocks both us, something about reaching our limit and please wait a few minutes before trying again.  10am has come and gone.  Cue panic.  I try other computers in the office, all blocked.  April calls boyfriend, Reid, for him to get on.  He gets on.  I try again, I get on but Reid has better seats so I give him all the information over the phone.  Reid just faxed me the confirmation.  I need a lie down now. 

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