May 27th, 2008

misc: butterfly

lj anniversary

LJ anniversaries were mentioned a couple of times on my f-list today which prompted me to check when my own LJ anniversary was.  Guess what?  It's today!!  3 years ago today, tinderblast  ushered me into the world of Livejournal by creating this account for me.  I was only planning on using my account for the purpose of commenting on other LJs but things turned out a bit differently :P  A short time later, I met a group of Kieferettes and the rest, as they say, is history  :D

New LJ moodtheme to celebrate -- animated Ianto  \o/

Went to KT Tunstall's concert last weekend.  We had great seats (3rd row) and it was a great show.  KT is just this cute little thing!  It was an acoustic set which I loved.  The set featured a good balance from both her CDs and of course, Black Horse & a Cherry Tree and Suddenly I See got the biggest crowd reaction.  I have a few videos but they're all too large to upload to photobucket.

After hearing about how great the show, Avatar, is from certain people -- you know who you are -- including my cousins, I've been downloading and am about halfway through the second season.  It's pretty good and Sokka makes me laugh more than I care to admit.