May 17th, 2008

singer: nkotb

new kids videos

While I'm waiting for my Tokio Hotel stuff to load onto photobucket, I figured I would post these videos mainly for my own sake so I can watch them over and over again. Oh Jonathan. You still can't dance. :)  

Video #1 -- medley of their hits; breaking out the old dance moves!  As for the singing... well, who's watching this for the singing?!

Video #2 -- Summertime. I think my Joey and Donnie crush have pretty much come back full force.  

Video #3 -- short interview and performance of Tonight

How did I not know that Joey played Fiyero in Wicked back in 2005?  This is "Dancing Through Life" during his last performance.

singer: tokio hotel

tokio hotel redux

After only a few months, Tokio Hotel was back last night. This time at The Sound Academy and a bigger crowd (I would venture at least double the size of the crowd at The MOD Club). The set, I think, was exactly the same but this time I was better prepared. Still have the most awful luck getting stuck behind girls who like to hold things -- a sign and 2 dolls of Tom & Gustav, I believe -- up in the air and blocking my view, not to mention all the arms and hands and cameras. Was amused overhearing one of the bartenders talking about how she was there for soundcheck and would've bet her life that Bill was a girl.

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