May 14th, 2008

misc: blue flower

long time no post

  • Life's pretty quiet at the mo.  Still recuperating from tax season, I guess.
  • SPN finale is tomorrow and I'm pretty spoiler free which is a feat for me.  My usual source of spoilers is TWoP and since I've been avoiding the SPN forum, guess that helps, huh?  Will be watching the show with the gang at dendritejungle's -- I'm thinking it's gonna be a packed house! 
  • Met the wonderful nixwilliamsand if you're reading this, my LJ is pretty boring but I post pretty pictures occassionally  :)
  • Finally made it to a Stitch & Bitch at neeuqdrazil's.  Re-started a cross stitch pattern that I began back in university!  Met a bunch of new people, had lots of fun and laughs and looking forward to attending more S&B's in the future!
  • Had dinner with bauersgirllast night -- yummy gourmet pizza (not sushi which is our normal routine) -- and man, was I stuffed!
  • One of our topics of conversation was the lack of knowledge of our own city.  There are so many places I haven't been within Toronto or places I haven't been in years.  Since my original summer plans are basically shot, my new summer goal is to explore this city of mine.  With camera in tow of course so expect many pictures. 
  • Iron Man rocked.  Looking forward to Prince Caspian and drooling over Peter and Indiana Jones 4.
  • Still half-heartedly watching AI.  While I like David A's voice, I'm starting to understand what people are talking about when they talk about his stage presence.  David C continues to roll along as he does, playing it pretty much safe (btw the David C's fans are quickly becoming Claymate-level crazy).  I've listened to David C's indie CD, "Analog Heart" and it's not bad.  Syesha's voice is too screechy for me.
  • 3 concerts coming up in the next month -- Tokio Hotel (yes, again!), KT Tunstall and RyanDan
  • NKOTB tickets went on sale Monday and they sold out!  I was really surprised over this (supposedly good Montreal tickets are still easy to get).  Hopefully this means they add another show.  C'mon, the Spice Girls did!  *crosses fingers*  And I totally didn't squee over their rehearsal footage over at
  • My 2 musical guilty pleasures right now are: See You Again, Miley Cyrus and Summertime, NKOTB.  Feel free to mock.