April 17th, 2008

movies: romeo & juliet

beware of the idol machine

I can't believe I'm asking this but... anyone know where I can download the studio versions of the AI songs?  *is ashamed*  I found David Cook's "Always Be My Baby" by accident and now I find myself looking for the rest.  Thought I found something this morning but then my virus program went crazy.  Ack!  My google-fu is just not up to par today so any help would be appreciated.  Blame is placed solely on my co-workers.  All their fault.

Meme ganked from janglyjewels  cause I'm bored and sitting in my cubicle but there's no returns to be done and yet we somehow have to fill our required hours.

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I just looked at the billable (keyword: billable) hours I have so far and it looks like I'll be working Sunday as well.