April 2nd, 2008

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hangin' tough

OHMYGOD IT'S HAPPENING!!!!!  The Today Show.  Friday, April 4th.  Someone needs to record this for posterity.  I'm gonna have to wake up early cause I can't miss this!!  *is amused how excited I am over this*  Props to  bauersgirl   for the link.  She knows me too well ;)

Mother Nature decided to give us a beautiful day yesterday -- 14C, sunny -- only to yank it away from us today.  Now that was a cruel April Fool's Day joke.  In other news, I learned what a "rickroll" was.  I also fell for a prank on one of the comms I frequent.  Had a suspicion it was a prank but followed it through just in case it wasn't.

I woke up today and wondered which day of the week it was.  Then I decided what does it matter as I'm living in the office.  The days have started to blend together.  28 days til normal life resumes.  BTW, if you're claiming moving expenses or sold shares or self-employed or have an enormous amount of medical receipts and we're doing your tax return?  We hate you.  A LOT. 

Booked my vacation for Taiwan/Japan (July 24 - August 8) and for TIFF (Sept 5 - 12).  It can't come fast enough.