March 25th, 2008

torchwood: barrowman collar

gets stalking shoes ready

Following in the UK's footsteps (as ever :D ), this summer, CBC will be airing our version of How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? -- the search for who will play Maria in the upcoming production of The Sound of Music

I was planning on tuning in really just because I already have tickets to the musical so it would be kind of cool to follow the reality show and then see them perform.  But now I am so ohmygod excited because I just found out that JOHN BARROWMAN WILL BE A JUDGE!!111!!!!!!11  *massive squee*  Article here that lists John as one of the judges (scroll down).

SOLO!!!  You have to come down here and we HAVE to get tickets!!   I'm seriously gonna call the CBC tomorrow and find out the when/how/where of getting tickets to the show.

This news was posted over at barrowmanfans  and there was concern about TW S3 filming.  People were saying that filming usually doesn't start til August so it shouldn't be an issue.  Also, I highly doubt John will stay in Toronto between each show.  He'll be either jetting it back and forth between here and the UK or making trips to the US.

*gasp*  Do you think he'll be around for Pride?  That would be so awesome!  pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease

In other news, I purchased The Boondock Saints DVD from HMV today.  =)    ETA:  I'm watching the special features and the deleted scene when the brothers' mom calls?  GOLD

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm just gonna pass out from the over-squeeage.