March 23rd, 2008

movies: boondock saints

rope. always need rope.

As usual, I am behind the times but I finally watched The Boondock Saints. Count me in as one of the converted. Irish brothers killing bad guys and looking mighty fine doing it. And was it just me or was the broyay through the roof? Or have I been thoroughly corrupted by the evil internet and see hoyay everywhere? :)  I really want to see the unedited version. I've also read there's possibly a sequel in the works.

Today has been a Sean Patrick Flanery day. First, Boondock and now I'm watching the Young Indy series. And I also just discovered through the wonder that is IMDB, that he's in Ten Inch Hero with Jensen!   When is that movie gonna be released?  Come on!

janglyjewels  found this great fanvid combining Boondock Saints and Supernatural and now I must share with you all.