March 19th, 2008

tv: luke lorelai

paley envy

The Paley Festival is underway and the Chuck panel was this week.  Man, this is one of the many times I wished I lived in LA, or even better, had the means to visit at the drop of a hat.  The entire cast was there with the exception of Sarah Lancaster (Ellie) who was sick.  On the Paley site they have short clips of the all the panels so far.  The Buffy reunion one hasn't happened yet but omg I so want to see that!  And it's so frustrating that to see the entire panel you have to go the centre either in LA or NYC.  I am hoping that Chuck does the same thing as SPN and include the panel with their DVDs.  Anyway, check out the 3min clip (the Pushing Diaisies one is up as well).

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Guilty pleasure confession -- I like the movie, Paycheck (Ben Affleck, Uma Thurman).  Whenever it's on tv, like tonight, I usually end up watching it.  I'm not proud of this infliction.

I am just a tad bit excited over the new Jet Li / Jackie Chen movie, The Forbidden Kingdom.  Jet Li, mmmmm.  Dude was hot back in his younger days.  I read an article that the fight scenes between Jet and Jackie were too fast so they were told to slow it down for the camera.  Man, why didn't they work together back in their younger days?  That would've been off the hook.  Two things that threw me when I watched the trailer -- (a) the martial art obsessed American kid is none other than Elliot from Will & Grace!  Watching Elliot fighting Jet Li is just a tad strange, lol!  (b)  I forgot that the movie is a Hollywood movie so when they spoke in English, it threw me.  Just doesn't seem right, especially with the ancient Chinese look to the movie.

I'm still taking requests for that photo meme here so head on over if you are so inclined :)  I plan to post the results in about a week or so.