March 3rd, 2008

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give me a 'whoo' and a 'hoo'

SUPERNATURAL HAS BEEN RENEWED!!!!!!!!!   Bring on Season 4!!

Happy news on what has been a pretty crappy day.

I need to stop reading TWoP, seriously.  It's not fun anymore.  What happened to the snark and the funny?  Now it's just endless arguments over the stupidest things, over-the-top analysis and, the worst, is the absolute hate-on some posters have.  Of fictional people doing fictional things on a fictional television show.  Reading TWoP has seriously begun to suck out MY enjoyment of a watching my shows.  And the fact that certain industry people read it as a gauge of fan reaction is kinda scary. 

Due to my newly ignited interest in all things Chad Allen, his latest project is called "Saved", about the whole conversion movement, co-starring Robert Gant (Ben of QAF).  Chad + Robert = must. see.

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I also finally watched August Rush yesterday.  It was sappy and sentimental and cliched and Robin Williams was... Robin Williams and OMG I LOVED IT.  I cried at the end, I'm not ashamed.  Jonathan Rhys Meyers  *swoon*  And Keri Russell looked gorgeous.  I never watched Felicity but I concur, long hair definitely suits her better.