February 10th, 2008

buffy: angel spike

lazy lazy weekend

For this weekend, I would've stepped outside for a grand total of 2 times.  Go me.  The first time was to have my annual review at work and I hated every single minute of the 78 it took.  The 2nd will be in about 2 hours when I head off to the TH concert.

Other than doing much needed house cleaning & laundry, the weekend was spent reading, wasting time on the computer and watching my Buffy and Angel DVDs.

Oh Buffy.  I started with S1 but wasn't feeling the love so I skipped ahead to S3 and watched a smattering of eps.  I actually teared up when Buffy gets the Class Protector Award in "The Prom" and then Angel leaving... *sniff*  Vamp!Willow will always be awesome.  Anya.  Faith.  The Mayor.  Wesley Wyndam-Pryce   S3, you rocked.

Watched the first half of S1 Angel.  How did I forget about the brilliant Spike commentary from the roof?  Wesley, the rogue demon hunter was an absolute hoot.  Christian Kane!!  And Doyle  *sniff*  RIP, Glenn Quinn.

Yup, pretty much a couch potato, that was me.  And to complete my lazy weekend, a time-killing meme!  Nicked from faninohio& ramsesthegreate

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singer: tokio hotel

tokio hotel live

Dear TH,

Thank you for (a) starting your set at 8:30 instead of 9:00 as per Ticketmaster and (b) only playing a 50 minute set. I was home by 10pm.

Dear TTC,

15 minutes in the -16C freezing cold. FOUR westbound streetcars pass us. How many eastbound streetcars? NONE. You suck. And you owe me $10 for forcing me to take a taxi.

Dear Stupid Fan With the Sign,

Thank you for holding your sign up for the ENTIRE SET, thereby blocking our view of Tom & Gustav in the beginning and Bill at the end. You REALLY suck.

PS. Bill will not notice you. Ever.

Dear Me,

Next time you go to a concert, make sure the camera battery is fully charged. Moron.


So, yea, the concert. Very good. Had a glitch with Tom's guitar during "Don't Jump" -- it just kinda died -- so they cut that song short. Lots of screaming. LOTS. Lots of singing along, even the German songs. Lots of fangirls, a few parents and various other adults. Most of the girls were your typical teenagers, a lot of skin was showing, lots of quasi-goth wardrobes. There was the one chick, I wish I had taken a picture. I was by the bar so she came up beside me to order drinks. Way too much make-up. Fake tan. Blonde extensions were so obvious. Entire outfit was made of pleather -- this low cut red pleather top with an open back, a black miniskirt and red shiny pleather thigh-high boots. EW. And she ordered a drink I've never seen before -- the bartender poured her a shot of some kind, she puts the shot glass in another glass and then adds Red Bull to it. What?? Later, a girl and her mom moved into the space beside me. The girl was so excited to be there, it was quite adorable. The show was sold out but the place wasn't at capacity. I've seen it a lot fuller.

Sorry, Clairey & 4_leafclover, my camera-fu was not up to par tonight. Not only was I thwarted by evil fan-with-a-sign *stabs her* and all the hands in my way, the battery also died due to my stupidness. However, there were so many cameras there that night, I'm sure they'll be flooding the internets soon. I also noticed a guy videotaping the show on stage tonight. Maybe for their website?

As for the show, it was really good. I believe they sang all the songs on "Scream", a German song I didn't recognize, "By Your Side" (?) and the German version of "Monsoon". At the end, lots of water flinging and throwing the bottles into the audience. Bill & Tom threw their towels. Guitar picks and drumsticks were also thrown. After the encore, everyone left the stage except for Gustav who did the whole touching-hands thing. Best view I had of him all night.

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