December 27th, 2005

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odds & ends

Random things I wanted to get down before I forget...

tinderblast  or thysanotus , would you have a mp3 of Deeper from UAL?  It's the one song I'm missing.  Thanks so much.  :)

Finally, here are my pictures: Collapse )

Couldn't get a decent picture of Ryan as either his hat or a fan was in the way.  Didn't try to get a picture Gary.

For all you Gilmore Girls fans -- was the absence of Lane's father ever explained on the show?  I'm curious.

Christmas Day was, as usual, a quiet day for us.  As per our tradition, we watched a movie that afternoon.  I saw The Producers.  As much as I enjoyed the play, the transfer from stage to screen was not done well.  All the criticisms it received (ie Broderick and Lane are still playing to the back of the theatre) is true.  Overall though, it's a fun movie.  Will Ferrell & Uma Thurman were great.  And I couldn't get that one musical line, "Springtime for Hitler and Germany" (can't remember the rest of the words to the song), out of my head for hours.

While I was waiting for my parents' movie to finish (they watched Munich), I snuck into another theatre and watched the last 15 minutes of Brokeback Mountain.  And I started tearing up again.  I'm hopeless.

Boxing Day was crazy.  As usual, I was at the shopping mall by 9:30.  By noon, I was starting to go crazy with the increasing crowd. Went to a Japanese buffet for lunch with bauersgirl (salmon sushi is goooood, you loooooove it).

An early happy birthday to kissedbythegods in case I'm not on-line that day.

Oh squee!!  They're re-airing the pilot to Supernatural!!  I'm off to watch!