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December 16th, 2005

where's the snow?

Spurred on by the fear of being trapped in an airport for hours due to this huge snowstorm that's suppose to hit Toronto Thursday night/Friday, I made the last-minute decision to fly out of Cleveland Thursday night. Packed my bag and checked out of the hotel in 20 minutes. Was at the airport 1 hour before departure. Paid the $100 USD fee for changing my flight. And then proceeded to sit in the Cleveland airport while our flight was delayed for 3 hours. Finally get on the plane and then sat at the gate for 45 minutes. Actual flying time to Toronto -- 37 minutes. Then we proceeded to wait another 50 minutes before we can disembark. Huge line for a taxi. I finally arrive home at 2am. 9 hours in total.

And I wake up this morning to bright sunshine and... no snowstorm!! Checked my original flight -- arrived in Toronto EARLY!!!! *bangs head on desk*

Onto more pleasent things...

Thanks to my new hero, the lovely thysanotus, I'm now listening to Hand in Hand from UAL. I seriously heart this song. I always thought the beginning with Ike saying, "[this song] is about an old girlfriend who cheated on me... oh it's ok, I got her back" meant that Ike took said girlfriend back and me thinking why Ike would want to get back with a cheating girlfriend. But now it's been explained that the "I got her back" was most likely meant as revenge. Very interesting.

Hey, nia_starr, did you hear about the latest Arrested Development casting news? This is going to be awesome. And there's rumours of either ABC or Showtime picking up AD *keeps fingers crossed* And Serenity DVD out on the 20th!!

canno, I'm hoping hoping hoping that I will be watching Brokeback Mountain tomorrow night. If I do, I will make sure to talk about it constantly til you've seen it as well. ;) Looks like the movie has opened in TO, Vancouver & Montreal but in limited theatres (only 1 theatre in all of TO).

Off to unpack now.

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