November 11th, 2005

misc: blue flower

bloody hell

Fucking Fox cancelled Arrested Development. The bastards. OK, it's really the public at large who didn't watch the most brilliant show on television who's at fault but I still haven't forgiven them for cancelling Firefly.  More evidence of Fox's suckage.  Postponing the remaining 9 or so episodes of Prison Break to be aired after 24's season is over.  Can they not find another suitable timeslot instead of making us wait over 4 months?

In other fandom news (since I'm updating)...

Hanson was brilliant.  Had an awesome time with a great group of people.  I've watched their Underneath Acoustic Live DVD about 3 times now.  Definitely prefer them in an acoustic setting.

TAR is a black hole of boredom this season.  I'm watching the prettiness on Supernatural from now on.

Serenity is set for DVD release in December.  I know nia_starr shares my anxious-ness in seeing the deleted Mal/Inara scenes.  It's all about Cap'n Tight Pants, right?  *grins*

I just purchased a whole bunch of CDs recently.  Death Cab for Cutie and Keane, both of whom I enjoy.  Also purchased Metric and Postal Service, songs unheard.  I do know Postal Service is lead by the same guy in Death Cab so good chance I'll enjoy it.  I've only read about Metric and how it's one of those great Canadian indie bands that people should pay attention to.  Found Emm Gryner in an used CD store and ended up loving it.  Jack Johnson's CD is totally enjoyable but, on the whole, is too laid back for me.  Also picked up the latest Franz Ferdinand and now contemplating on purchasing their first album.  Robbie Williams new CD is great as usual.  Thanks to a friend sending mp3s my way, I've been listening to the new Westlife which I'll be purchasing once it's released here (I can't completely give up on boybands).

Looking forward to attending a Leafs game with lady_caitie   My second game evah!!  *very excited*

And in my ongoing saga of "How Many Concerts Can I Attend in One Year", I can now add Jann Arden to the list along with Hanson.  Jann sounded absolutely amazing and was incredibly funny which makes for an interesting experience -- being treated to hilarious stories between self-described depressing songs.  Also, it was a nice change of pace to attend a concert where the audience sits and enjoys the show without the high-pitched squeeling.  Next up -- Barenaked Ladies.