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September 30th, 2005

Serenity now!

Just came back from a viewing of the Big Damn Movie, Serenity.  Even though I was spoiled to the hilt, I adored this movie.  Love love love.  There was a bit of re-writing of history but I could live with that.  Went with mom who's never seen the show and she enjoyed it as well.  Now she wants to borrow my DVDs to watch the series.  I can't wait to see it again.  I can't wait for the DVD.  Here's hoping the movie does well enough for a sequel. 

One of the trailers shown was for HP: GOF.  I've seen this new trailer before on the internet but the version I saw in the theatre was slightly different.  I think it was the addition of Wormtail, in the cemetary, brewing the potion and another Voldemort/Death Eater scene.  Can't really remember and it's bugging me.

Spent 10 minutes this morning hitting that re-dail button but finally success!  Will be seeing the Barenaked Ladies @ Massey in November.  Didn't get the greatest seats but I'm not complaining.  That Massey Hall membership I bought for Kalan's concert sure is coming in handy.  Think I'll be keeping it for a while.

ETA: A Hanson mention in the latest Entertainment Weekly: an American school (I can't remember where) played 'MmmBop' constantly during every break and lunch period until the student population raised $3,000 for hurrican relief. The boys matched it.

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