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August 16th, 2005

playing hooky

Well, not really.  I do feel under the weather but if truth be told, I could still go to work, I just don't wanna.  Besides, this is my first sickday in over a year, I deserve it.

So, Queer as Folk's series finale was last night.  After 5 seasons, it's finally over.  I loved S1 & 2, interest waned during S3 & 4 but I stuck with it and S5 was decent.  Even though I was somewhat spoiled, I really enjoyed the finale.  Yay for Blake returning!!  I heart Blake with Ted, even when he was a meth addict and left Ted brokenhearted.  Loved how the finale echoed the first episode with Michael's voice over and a callback to some of the memorable lines ("You will always be young.  You will always be beautiful.  You're Brian Kinney, for fuck's sake!")  Brian tells Justin to go to NYC which made me all sniffly because he loves him and wants Justin to be happy, ya know?  And the show ended as it should -- best friends Brian & Michael dancing at Babylon where it all started; Michael gives Brian a kiss and returns to Ben, leaving Brian dancing alone, above the crowd yet surrounded by his friends.  And so ends my Monday night eyecandy show.  Thank goodness for DVDs.

Speaking of TV DVDs, I finally broke down and purchased Roswell S1 (it was on sale).  Of course, this now means I will have to purchase the remaining 2 seasons because I am a completist.  How I loved this show.  The Max/Liz angst!  The Michael/Maria chemistry!  The sweetness of Alex/Isabel!  And Kyle just ruled in S2 & S3 (I totally believe that Kyle & Isabel hook up post-finale, yes I do).

I actually checked on-line for Hanson tour dates and was slightly disappointed they aren't playing in Toronto.  What the hell?  I enjoy them well enough but I don't own any of their CDs.  I totally blame you, Brodie, and your enticing pictures!!  *shakes fist in mock fury*  I just want to see the pretty Taylor in the flesh.

Could not get tickets to the John Mayer Trio show.  Damn.

Last weekend, I went to a bar for the first time in almost 10 years.  I was never a bar/club person to begin with but my friend, Judy, who I haven't seen since university, is back in town for a couple of weeks and Saturday was her birthday.  So we went out.  The bar (The Bier Markt on the Esplanade) was nice as the crowd was mostly twenty- & thirty-somethings.  There was a live band who weren't that great so that kinda killed the mood for me.  My feet still hurt from the concert the night before, it was too hot, too loud... and I realized that I'm just an old fart.  But this old fart will be going out again cause, well... my friends are making me.

ETA: There is a Toronto date for the Hanson tour! Nov 10th, the Guvernment. I actually think I may go. Huh. Now, I just need a concert-going buddy.

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