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July 27th, 2005


... because I am bored at work. Let's see, what has happened the last 2 weeks?

July 15 - went to Sarnia's Bayfest for Kalan. Excellent show. New song was debuted. Shelley got kicked out for videotaping but managed to get back in.

Received my copy of the Peterborough M&G picture. Just as I suspected, due to my awkward positioning because of ill-placed drum equipment & trying to squeeze into frame, I look horrible. Rina thought Kalan looked like a cardboard cut-out. *snort*

July 20 - went to see Shane Wiebe at the El Mocambo. He was the opening act so it was just him & the piano. Sang beautifully. The club was way too hot and way too dark. Missed Shane arriving by mere minutes as Rina & I were busy eating pho (just 2 doors away).

Got bitched out by my boss that I work too slowly and how, since I've been here for a year, I should have "carved my own niche" by now. And here I am on LJ, ha! Time to start looking for something else, preferably downtown. I've got the place to live, just need a reason to move (other than I'm much too old to be still living with the parents).

Harry Potter. Took me a week to finish it. Found it mostly boring until the last 100 pages or so. Am excited over the new film, though.

Saw Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. Johnny Depp is awesome. When we first meet Willy Wonka, I totally got the Michael Jackson vibe. Creepy. Freddie Highmore is the cutest kid. Thought all the kids were well cast.

CI3 is getting increasingly boring.

Damn it! I totally forgot about the pre-sale for the John Mayer Trio and I missed it. Will try to get tickets when the public sale starts.

Off to North Bay this weekend for yet another Kalan concert. This will make concert #14 (I think). Hitching a ride with lady_caitie & her lovely mom. Much fun will be had.

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