June 29th, 2005

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Star Wars Music

Last night, I did something I haven't done since high school. I went to the symphony:

The Toronto Symphony Orchestra presents The Star Wars Concert, with special guest star, Anthony Daniels.

Before the show started, there were characters walking around the lobby -- Darth Vadar! Storm Troopers! Jedis! R2D2 was there and oh, how I regretted not having my camera with me. We also saw an adorable boy (about 5/6) dressed like a Jedi complete with lightsaber.

The concert: Anthony Daniels narrates the story of Star Wars from Ep 1-6 with the TSO providing the musical interludes. Daniels, wearing black pants & shirt with a gold jacket, would slip into the C3PO voice every once in a while and always used glowing adjectives when C3PO was ever mentioned in the narration (ie "the loyal C3PO"; "the brilliant C3PO" etc) which got chuckles from the crowd.

Music featured in the concert (I don't have the program with me so this is by memory):

Star Wars Main Theme
Anakin's Theme
Jar Jar Bink's Theme
The Pod Race
Duel of the Fates
Across the Stars (Anakin & Padme love theme)
Battle of the Heros
Luke Skywalker's theme
Princess Leia's theme
The Asteroid Field
Throne Room
Imperial March (Darth Vadar's theme)
Han Solo & the Princess
Yoda's theme
Empire Strikes Back finale
Jabba the Hut's theme
Luke & Leia / Brother & Sister
Parade of the Ewoks
Battle of Endor

I loved loved loved the 'Main Theme', 'Across the Stars', 'Duel of the Fates', 'Throne Room' & the 'Imperial March'.

It's hard to explain -- the feeling I got hearing this music live. The sound of the brass blaring those famous opening bars; the strings running up & down the scale and providing the quiet, pretty moments (and yes, I did think of Kalan, sigh), and the majestic sound of the timpanis (probably my favourite sounding percussion instrument). You can totally picture the movie in your mind when the music plays.

The main concert over, the conductor & Daniels do their bows, audience gives a standing ovation. The conductor comes out and says a few words -- how wonderful it was to have the world premiere in Toronto before heading to the States; how the symphony only had one rehearsal (!); thanked Daniels. Then he says how a lot of the music had to be cut due to time limits but the symphony is now going to perform one of these "cut" pieces and they launch into Cantina Band #1!!!! Huge respond from the audience, everyone starts clapping along. Absolute brilliant ending to a great concert.

Watching the symphony also made me miss being part of a band. I was in band all through high school (yes, I was a band geek) and we were pretty good (won a couple of competitions). I remember how much I loved being part of the creation of music. Haven't touched my flute or piano in years & have lost the ability to sight read (my one strength). Think maybe it's time to break out those "Piano for Beginners" books and start again.