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a day of disappointments and successes

Disappointment: Missed Yvonne Strahovski who was here for Killer Elite :( Jason Statham? Robert DeNiro? Whatever. I wanted to see Sarah Walker!! *criez*

Disappointment: Press conference for A Dangerous Method, Fassbender was a no show but did see the other cast

David Cronenberg signing some autographs

Look at Kiera Knightley not even acknowledge us

Viggo didn't stop either but he did on the way in and at least he gave us a wave

Sarah Gadon, who no one really knew (I had to look her up). Her IMDB page lists quite a bit of television work

Success: Red carpet for Melancholia.
Alexander Skarsgard

Kiefer Sutherland

Kirsten Dunst

Disappointment/Success: Red carpet for Drive. Considering the crowd, I was in a pretty good position to see Ryan Gosling and Bryan Cranston. But the fail that is my camera + night time continued so let's look at R's pictures instead!

All in all, it wasn't a bad night. Not too disappointed with my Gosling failure as I got great pictures last year. Still bummed about Yvonne though.

Off to the suburbs to have lunch with the family for Mid-Autumn Festival. Hopefully will be back in time to see Cory Montieth tonight! From his tweet, sounds like he flew in last night.
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