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did someone say ron weasley?

As tweeted by Darren:

Darren Criss' photo I still can't believe Joey made it to Rupert before I ever made it to Daniel. @JoeyRichter #OneOfTheseDaysDan
Darren Criss on WhoSay

AHHHHHHHHHH it's Joey Richter and Rupert Grint!!!!!! (Joey played "Ron" in A Very Potter Musical) Loving Joey's goober face LOL Was this at the "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" premiere? I remember seeing pictures of Rupert attending a premiere in that "I ♥ LA" tee.

From the sound of Darren's tweet, he has not met DanRad yet. They must cross paths soon though with Darren succeeding him on Broadway.

Another Darren tweet with this cute vid:

Darren Criss on WhoSay

Only Darren would take a video of a video of himself HAHAHAHA
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