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I don't know what this Fashion Night Out event is but it gave us a Vogue photoshoot + video of the Glee cast so me like.

Unfortunately no Amber or Naya =( The consensus around fandom is that they were both sick when this was done.

The full length video (a shorter version was aired tonight during the "Born This Way" episode)

Thought pretty much everyone looked stunning. Not loving Dianna's hair straightened like that but whatever. Almost didn't recognize Cory the first time I saw the promo! Lea is stunning. Harry practically steals the video for me. But, this is me so of course, best part of the whole thing?


Oh and Cory's adorable smile when he throws the sunglasses, loved that too :D

Just finished watching the finale of "The Glee Project". Basically everyone wins, Ryan Murphy? LOLOL how very Glee of you! TPTB say fewer guest stars but we already have 6 new characters, SIX!!
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