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glee finale

~ OMG "For Good" was GORGEOUS!! I avoided listening to this song and I'm so glad I did. I love the Kurt/Rachel friendship :)
~ Why oh why did they get Cheyenne Jackson but didn't have him sing?? Whyyyyyyyyyy :( So basically Gwyneth gets like 6 songs, Jonathan Groff gets 1, Kristin Chenoweth gets 2 and Cheyenne Jackson gets 0. And which one is the non-Broadway star???
~ Dear TPTB, please stop with the original songs.
~ I knew they wouldn't win so no big surprise there
~ Santana raging in Spanish!
~ Blaine!!!! Oh I knew they were lying liars who lie when they said Darren wasn't shooting.
~ I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU and I love how Blaine just said it, no big lead up or anything
~ SAMCEDES FTW!!! I'm a hardcore Klaine shipper (did you not know? haha) but with the other couples, I'm pretty neutral, I don't hate them nor do I ship them but Samcedes? Totally ship that!!

Yeah so for me, basically the finale came down to the one scene: OMG KLAINE SAID "I LOVE YOU" and Samcedes is canon :D And now we need a Kurt/Blaine/Rachel/maybe Finn living in NYC spin-off *nods*
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