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packing is boring

Aside from sleeping and being awake, what is the longest consecutive amount of time you've spent doing one thing? What was it?

I think the winner would be on my flight from Taiwan to Vancouver - approx 10 hours? - I spent at least half of that time playing Zuma. We left around midnight Taiwan time, the entire plane was fast asleep except for me, playing that damn game.


Due to Passover, my office is closed for the next two days. What does that mean? Trip to NYC with Rina!

If I had known about Darren + The Warblers performing at The Today Show tomorrow morning, I would've seriously contemplated flying into NYC tonight, be an obsessed fan & go to the studio LOL

I am so unbelievably spoiled for the next couple episodes of Glee but have somehow managed to stay pretty much spoiler free regarding Doctor Who. Thank heavens both shows are back this week cause the hiatus was just awful.

OK off to bed as it'll be an early morning tomorrow. Will try and leave NYC purse-free unlike the last time haha.
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